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Step 1: Market Summary

1 What are your promotional objectives?
Do you want more clients, greater sales, to say thank you, to advise existing clients of a new service or product?

2.Who is your market and what is their demographic?
How old, are they boys or girls, what do they do for a living, how will they use your product.....

3.What is the required timing?
Do you need them next week, or do you need them in three months time?

4.What is your budget per client?
How much is your client worth to you, how much is the possible sale worth to you, are all clients worthy of the same investment?

5.What products reflect the image and style of your company or event?
As well as getting attention and explaining your offer or message make sure the product says something about your company and your objectives.

Step 2: Product Requirements

1.Does this product need to last or is just for the short-term?
Do you want to grab their attention, or do you want your phone number and contact details on their desk for the rest of the year?

2.Does the apparent value of the product appear higher than its actual cost?
If you can pay $5 for an item which looks like it’s worth $20 at retail, you’re on a good thing. The Vlin Custom Promotions range includes hundreds of sought after products which fit this description.

3. Is the product likely to get noticed? Is it original and interesting?
Does it say something positive abut your organization or event. Will it cut through and get people talking at the water-cooler?

4. What does it cost? Is this expenditure likely to be a good investment in the image and sales results of my company?
How many extra sales, or enquiries do you need to justify the cost of the promotion. Is it achievable?

5. If this works, what’s next?
Can we see a possible theme which follows this first activity?

6.How are we going to distribute the product?
Is it going to be handed over in person, sent through the mail or delivered in a chauffeured limousine? Vlin Custom Promotions can also sort your promotional logistics.

7. Do we need specialist packaging?
Do you want gift boxing, special wrapping, customized or personalized labeling?

Step 3:
Speak to a Vlin Footwear Consultant
Ring or email and discuss your plans. Remember, we want to see your promotion work. and we love a chat!